SecureDrop Support Documentation


Freedom of the Press Foundation is transitioning to a Redmine-based ticketing system for all support requests related to SecureDrop. All current and future SecureDrop administrators are required to use the new support system in order to receive support from FPF staff. From now on, the best way to get in touch with us is through our new support site or by emailing

As a current SecureDrop administrator or journalist, you will need to spend a little time setting up an account on the new support site. This is quick and easy - get started by Creating your Account.


We recently added the ability to reach our new support site through a Tor onion service. It’s available at http://support6kv2242qx.onion/

First time contacting us?

If you’ve never contacted us before, and have questions about:

  • Installing SecureDrop
  • An existing SecureDrop installation that was set up without our involvement
  • Inclusion in the SecureDrop Directory

then please contact us through the General Support channel.

Using the support site

Once your account has been created, there are two workflows you can use: a web-based workflow, and an email-based workflow. Either workflow may be used interchangeably. We think most people will want to use the web-based workflow, which is documented in Using Redmine. You can learn more about configuring and using the optional email-based workflow in the Encrypted Email Overview.


Our goal with this new support system is to simplify and centralize the process of providing support to the administrators who maintain and the journalists who use SecureDrop. Administering a SecureDrop instance is hard work, and we hope that this new system will make us more effective in providing help to you.


Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any feedback on the new support system.

If you already have an account on the support site, create a new issue in your project to provide feedback. Otherwise, use the General Support channel.